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Video: Panera Announces New “100% Clean” Menu

In a stunning but long promised development, Panera Bread has released a new menu that should be an inspiration to restaurateurs across the world. The new menu is completely, 100% free of artificial ingredients!

By cutting over 150 ingredients, Panera is now able to provide a menu that we can all be happy with.

The project began when in 2010, Panera Bread became the leader and first national restaurant chain to post calorie counts on menus. By the end of 2016, Panera had reached their goal of “no artificial” by changing recipes and eliminating 122 ingredients including FD&C colors, sodium benzoate, sodium nitrate, sodium phosphate, and other words you can’t – or shouldn’t – pronounce in order to provide a completely “clean” menu.

Ron Shaich — founder, chairman and CEO of Panera — says one of the company’s basic commitments is to “actually be part of fixing a broken food system in this country.”

WATCH the video below below for more details!

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